Altar Society

The Saint Anthony Altar Society is an active, vibrant group of parishioners dedicated to serving the needs of the parish in the following ways:


  • Supply hosts, wine, candles, missals

  • Supply and maintain altar linens

  • Coffee and Donuts

  • Funeral Receptions

  • Pancake Breakfasts

  • Luncheons

  • Clothing Drives

  • Bazaar, Bake Sale, and Raffle
  • Special Events

  • Contribute to the purchase of parish needs

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Teresa

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 12:00 pm in the parish hall.  Annual dues are $5.00.  It is not necessary to attend meetings to be a member.  Both men and women are welcome!
 We hope that you will consider joining our group and contributing your time and/or talents as we strive to fulfill our parish mission of bringing community together.
Please contact Rosemary Childress if you have any questions at 503-504-1204.

Altar Society President, Rosemary Childress at Our Parish Bazaar


August 2023- July 2024 


Altar Society Meeting                                          7/18/2023 

Ice Cream Treat                                                 7/29-30/ 2023 

Watermelon Treat                                              8/12-13/ 2023 

Clothing Drive for Homeless and Needy          8/9-24 /2023 

Altar Society Meeting                                           8/15/2023 

Altar Society Meeting                                            9/19/2023 

Ministry Fair                                                         9/23-24/2023 

Bingo after 10:30 Mass                                            10/8/2023 

Altar Society Meeting                                            10/17/2023  

Bazaar, Bake Sale, and Raffle                               11/4-5/2023 

Altar Society Meeting                                            11/21/2023 

Penance Service Priest’s Lunch                                    TBD 

Altar Society Meeting                                              12/19/2023 

Epiphany Potluck                                                       1/7/2024  

Altar Society Luncheon                                                 TBD 

Altar Society Meeting                                                2/13/2024  

Pancake Supper (Fat Tuesday)                                  2/13/2024  

Soup Suppers                                                                  TBD 

Mother/Baby Shower                                                3/3-17/2024  

Altar Society Meeting                                                 3/19/2024  

St. Joseph Feast Day                                                    3/19/2024 

Penance Service Priest’s Lunch                                       TBD 

Altar Society Meeting                                                 4/16/2024 

Altar Society Meeting                                                 5/21/2024  

Pentecost  Celebration                                                5/19/2024 

St. Anthony Feast Day                                                6/13/2024

Altar Society Meeting                                                 6/18/2024     

Rummage Sale                                                           6/21-22/2024 

Questions:  Call Rosemary Childress       503-504-1204 

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